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Maintenance Audit

The aim of maintenance audit is to provide a confidential record of investigation, analysis and evaluation of maintenance performance; to highlight the major problem areas; and to provide a number of practical recommendations to improve upon the performance of maintenance activity as a whole in a plant.The main objective of the maintenance audit proposed to be conducted at your plant can be briefly described as below:

(i) To study – ‘how effectively maintenance activities are planned, scheduled & executed’ at your plant; ‘how efficiently various maintenance resources are utilized’; and, to find out the present level of maintenance performance in your plant.

(ii) To highlight major problem areas, shortcomings & gaps in the maintenance programme followed in your plant.

(iii) To provide suggestions for improving productivity and performance of the maintenance functions in your plant.

IMME will plan and conduct maintenance audit assignment with the assistance of senior consultants. The strengths and weaknesses of the maintenance systems & practices in your plant can be properly investigated and systematically analyzed with precise details of performance and economic factors.


Based on the requirements, one or two members of the maintenance audit team will be deputed for the detailed study of the maintenance systems & practices, and to find out the major bottlenecks & problem areas in your plant. The team will be collecting necessary data and relevant information through actual observations, plant records and various interviews & discussions at different levels, including management representatives, maintenance officers, supervisors, technicians, etc. The maintenance audit team will establish a rapport and interact with your managers, engineers, supervisors and technicians to assess strengths and weaknesses of your maintenance organization. Based on various inputs, the team will critically analyze, investigate and evaluate effectiveness of the maintenance functions and highlight major problem areas, etc. In general, the maintenance audit exercise involving shop-floor study and data collection is expected to be completed in a period of about 2 to 4 weeks or more depending on the size of the plant.

Back home, the maintenance audit team will critically analyze all the relevant facts and figures and prepare a confidential report thereby bringing out strengths, weaknesses and suggestions for improvement of maintenance functions in your plant. Within a period of four to six weeks after maintenance audit work in the plant is over, a confidential report will be prepared and forwarded to your company.


Maintenance audit assignment will be completed in three phases as shown below: